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Welcome to Viva La Colifata, a page to benefit the Civil Association La Colifata Mental Health and Communication. This page has been created to support Radio La Colifata through donations that allow our organization to continue existing and develop new projects.

You can collaborate by clicking on the “Donations” button.

Also, you can listen to and download for free the songs recorded by Colifat@s and Manu Chao in 2005.


La Colifata: 33 years of bridges where there are walls

Born in 1991, La Colifata is the first radio station in the world to broadcast from a psychiatric hospital and the first project to think of the media as potential producers of health spaces.

La Colifata emerged as a space for the restitution of speech for a suffering, marginalized and stigmatized group and bore fruit on a social level as an experience of inclusion. It was also established as a therapeutic tool and for more than 30 years  has achieved effective social and economic integration.

La Colifata has various action programs that work in two fields in dialogue: the clinical and the social. Both build mutually in the development of open devices that foster friendship and solidarity bonds, create a social network and develops inclusive projects linked to the economy.

Some of them are:

  • Open radio at the Borda Hospital and all over the country; 
  • Radio from our “external” and professional radio studio in the Villa Ortúzar neighborhood, City of Buenos Aires; 
  • Radio artistic creation workshops, technical operation and radio programming for mental health users; 
  • Microenterprise selling radio merchandising: T-shirts, CDs, DVS, among others; 
  • Colifata Nomad Store selling products that are environmentally friendly and careful of human relations in the work process.

If you want to know all of them, we invite you to visit our website:

Radio La Colifata at the Borda Hospital

Long live La Colifata: The Colifat@s and Manu Chao

From the gardens of the José Tiburcio Borda Hospital, Buenos Aires, Radio La Colifata has been broadcasting for more than 33 years.

In 2005, based on a collaboration with Manu Chao, the albums Viva La Colifata Vol I and Viva La Colifata Vol II were released: 20 songs to laugh, to cry, to meditate on life, death, mothers, loneliness, love, tango, the Pope in Rome, Nero, the end of the world, the sun and more crazy old women.

A crazy trip in this crazy world, those outside and those inside, all wallowing in the same hodgepodge. A journey that can be downloaded for free to take with you to your home, car, work, bed, broom, donkey or horse and listen to what residents say, think and shout out loud.

Also, you can download unpublished sound and audiovisual material so that you can mix and create your art from the voices of the colifat@s, along with the four chapters of the series “La Colifata Filosa: Lo común”, broadcast by Canal Encuentro in 2019 and with the participation of the French teacher and philosopher Pierre Dardot.

We hope, with all our hearts, that this trip is beneficial to you and makes you want to run away to take refuge in some mental hospital.

La Colifata on SoundCloud